“The land of cinematograph”, people used to call this town "Kamata". Although there’s nothing left of the town as it used to look, still, it would feel something like a nostalgic or sweetness of good old days. We have been located and hung on in this town for 47 years. As second proprietor, we celebrate 28th anniversary now, and appreciate all of you.

Once you visit our bar decorating based on black color, you’ll know that you’re in relaxing atmosphere of adult contemporary. Our customers are all kinds of generation and various, not only fifties’ ones come and drink, talk. Come and visit our bar by yourself, or with friends, we’re looking forward to seeing you. Thank you all again.

We're back to normal hour! Red square means we're closed at the day.

Opened Mon to Sat (6pm to 11pm) Closed at Sunday & holiday We're opened, when Saturday is a holiday.

5 min. walk from west exit of JR Kamata station. When you step out of the station, you'll see the entrance of shopping arcade "SUNRISE." Just go straight until you reach the end of the arcade, then you could find "SUKIYA" on your right hand. On your left side, there is our signboard. Our bar is 2nd floor.

 Bottle  Chivas Regal  ¥9,000
  Suntry KAKU  ¥5,000
  Kan no ko   ¥4,000
  Kurokame  ¥4,000
  Shiro  ¥4,000
  Zanpa (kuro)   ¥4,000
  iichiko   ¥4,000
  Jun Legend   ¥3,500
  Jinro   ¥3,000
 Drink     ¥800
Otohshi*      ¥700
Set*     ¥1,500
Karaoke     ¥100/1 song

* O-toh-o-shi & Charge: A lot of typical Japanese bars or restaurants (a.k.a, IZAKAYA or Snack) has traditional way of charge. It’s a kind of similar to the cover charge or table one. Japanese gay bars also take this way, too. That charge includes a small appetizer of the day called “O-toh-o-shi,” which is the chef’s choice of the day and cannot make substitutions. For instance, you order just a drink (800 en). After your order has come, you get a small dish with your drink. That small one is “O-toh-o-shi” (700 en). So, when you leave there, you have to pay 1500 en.

7-60-8 Nishikamata, Ota-city, Tokyo JAPAN 144-0051 Tel/Fax: 03-3735-2653 Mail